“Gagliato” (ISBN 9780980951301)

A unique collection of photographs and essays that presents an intimate modern-day perspective of a small community in Calabria, a place that is very representative of many emigration-stricken towns around Italy, if not the world.
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Authors: Nicola Gareri and Stephanie Gareri
Printed and bound in Italy by world renowned Editoriale Bortolazzi-Stei, Verona
170gsm Scheufelen Job Parilux Silk paper
Cover design and jacket graphics by David Young, Toronto, Canada
Jacket design by Riccardo Rossignoli, Verona, Italy
Published in Canada by Studio On The Avenue Publishing Co. Ltd.
ISBN 978 0 980951301
144 Pages
132 Tritone Images
Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ (30cm x 30cm), 4.25 lbs.

$150.00 CAD/USD (shipping & taxes included)

( Available at:  www.studio-on-the-avenue.com  |  www.amazon.ca  |  www.amazon.com )

1 thought on ““Gagliato” (ISBN 9780980951301)

  1. I received Gagliato last week. I carefully looked at it for several days. It is an exquisitely elegant and beautiful production. Part memory, written as an intimate and personal journey yet so universal in it’s expression. A celebration of the history and physical markings of a place so much older than the US or Canada. The kind of place we want to hold on to and embrace yet feel frustrated by the lack of technology and 21st C pace. Where do we find that balance?

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